Software Development

Thank you for stopping by! What makes this all possible is bootloader software for micro-controllers like the Arduino. Literally within minutes complex systems interfaced with sensors that measure and process real world properties and events can be developed.

Project Builds

Also, focused on database technologies and data modeling and relationships to information and knowledge. Grouping data into meaningful patterns has a direct representation to real life by quantifying and organizing related records for convenient access.

Internet of Things

This is my blog. Here I showcase builds, mostly centered around home automation and what is now termed the internet of things(IoT). Arduino, BeagleBone and Raspberry PI are my platforms of choice. Ideally onwards from passive consumerism to an active creator.


MySQL DB and my fave fork – MariaDB

MariaDB sounds like a religious icon but its actually allegedly named after the lead developer Michael “Monty” Widenius’, younger daughter Maria. Anyway its an awesome DB and compatible with MySQL.   I use MariaDB at my web hosting provider and its a super amiable staple database product.  It’s even readily available in…


C.H.I.P. using the Wii Balance Part 1

Since the C.H.I.P. has bluetooth and WiFi built-in, and it costs only 9 Bucks, I was wondering how well it would work as my man-cave beer fridge weight watcher. A bar fridge full of your beer rests on the Wii Balance; as your beers get guzzled, eventually the weight of the…


C.H.I.P. – The world’s first 9 Dollar Computer

There’s a new tightly squeezed-Linux on the planet! The price is awesome. It’s the World’s first 9 dollar Linux computer system called CHIP from Next Thing Co.   And for the set of features, the price its simply awesome.   Think about it!  Its cheaper than a genuine Arduino and…


Garage Wall – Proximity Detector

I like to park my car as far as possible from the garage’s front wall to maximize walking space around my work bench, which is at the front wall of my garage.   However, gauging the exact car placement spot, that still allows closing the garage door, is not as easy as it…

Reflow Controler LCD (Arduino)

Miniaturization – Reflow Oven

To miniaturize my circuits i.e. beyond through hole electronics, I decided to get into reflow soldering.   Its fun to significantly reduce the size of circuits with careful design and the use of small packaged components. Reflow soldering uses a process where solder paste is applied to pads on miniaturized printed circuit…


“Turn off the Lights” is it such a saving?

I’ve replaced all the incandescent lights, in my home, with “warm” color LED lighting.   That’s going from 60 Watts to around 10 watts per bulb. The Lux stays the same though, which is around 800 Lumens per bulb.    Question? Are there real cost savings in turning off the lights, as you…


Honda CRV – Daytime Running Lights

It all started when driving over bumps on the road.  The Greater Toronto Area is notorious for road bumps because of ongoing construction, the harsh cold weather and salting and also all the snow plowing in winter.    The DRL alert on the dashboard, would light up briefly, after a bump on the road, and stay on…


The Quest for Accuracy

How accurate would you like your stand alone clock to be?  Well, most of us check time on a smartphone or desktop, which is usually extremely accurate, naturally, depending on the service’s time-base providers.  But, I like my standalone alarm clock, it has a number of really neat features!  Big numbers and customizable sound alarms are…


BeagleBone Wireless Printing Server

So I have this great Samsung CLP–325 color laser printer, but it uses a USB input port (not network enabled at all).   That meant when I needed to print, I had to wire it directly from a Laptop or MacBook to the printer.  This got a little too tedious and awkward, so I…


Tune/Voice Recognition Part 2

I’ve installed several motes around my property and they working out really great! I thought I’d share something really cool, at least I think its cool, that I’ve added to my Moteino Home Automation Gateway. ….its a voice and sound recognition mote! The first practical application for the Voice Rec…